The AccuCAT Golf Course Atlas
Cloud Accessed Technology

Your pathway to course maintenance efficiency and 
pinpoint budget control.

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Available anytime, anywhere: It's web-based in the"cloud

♦ No annual license fees, annual support fees or license term restrictions
♦ No stand-alone software required!
♦ Includes a GPS-accurate printable course map
♦ Includes individual Tee-to-Green printable hole maps
♦ All maps with sq.ft. labels of tees, fairways, greens, bunkers, lakes
♦ One-click links to over 50 major maintenance-related websites
31 course maintenance-focused calculator push-button tabs
♦ Over 12,000 application & budget calculation combinations


........ Water Reduction Calculation Responses
Lake Water Leakage--Calculate your loss. 
........ Water Cost Analytics based on gallons or inches to turf ........ Lake Storage-to-Turf (availability & analytics) ........ UAN/UREA Application & Cost Analysis ........ Aquatic Herbicide Application Confirmation ........ Two Tank Mix Helpers (by label or bulk, including WSP) ........ Cart Path & Pad Construction: Volumetrics & Budgeting ........ Bunker Sand replacement calculated for individual bunkers! ........ Spreader Calibration & Distribution Checks (Rotary & Drop)

The AccuCAT Course Atlas includes individual maps of each hole, complete with Sq. Ft. labels: each map instantly accessed on the Hole Number buttons in the calculator's "Stats/Maps" tab.

The AccuCAT Course Atlas includes a Sq.Ft. labeled course map with statistical summary, accessed by simply clicking a button on "Stats/Maps".

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