The AccuCAT Golf Course Atlas/Calculator
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Your pathway to course maintenance efficiency and 
pinpoint budget control.

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About GCA

Golf Course Analytics (GCA) is a programming and support company that has provides geographic-specific digital imaging and custom programming systems as SaaS (software-as-a-service).  In addition to servicing the maintenance operations of numerous golf courses and golf clubs in the United States, Canada, and Mexico, our clients also include the United States Golf Association plus several  PGA and Ryder Cup events.

GCA's flagship product, the AccuCAT All-in-One Course Atlas, provides golf course superintendents, GM’s, owners, and management companies a unique means for obtaining the most “bang” from their maintenance dollar.  Unlike mapping companies that “map your course” and then offer programs in not-so-user-friendly “readers” or connections to internet mapping links, GCA’s AccuCAT course atlas moves the technology to a more practical and user-friendly level.  Accessible from the internet "cloud", AccuCAT presents critical and GPS-accurate course dimensional information hot-linked to 35 pop-up maintenance folders consisting of over 12,000 connective mathematical expressions (answers) for precision budget forecasting and optimal product utilization as applied to turf product applications, lake & pond capacity, water budgeting, mowing & sprayer economics, fuel usage prediction, bunker sand replacement and much more.

is designed to "fill the gap" between software focused around maintenance management issues and software designed largely for map layer manipulation and editing; the end result being the robust budget-optimizing multidimensional calculating computer created as "AccuCAT".  
Its folder-tab formats are designed around 25-years of conversations, suggestions, beers and input from numerous superintendents, agronomists and other professionals in the golf maintenance business. The math in the calculators' design has been rigorously tested and accuracy confirmed.
About David Mikesh
Ph.D. (Geology, University of Iowa), Research Assistant University of Georgia Marine Institute (Sapelo Island, GA); Assistant Prof. Geology (Univ. of Iowa); Certification in Groundwater Hydrology (Wright State University).  Over 25 years experience applying state-of-the-art computer mapping technology and developing applications for the golf course maintenance and professional event industry, with continued development of customized solutions for precision turf maintenance budgeting, irrigation efficiency, logistical optimization, event site layout planning, and communication via multi-dimensional internet models.

Specialties include GPS technology; aerial mapping solutions; digital formatting; ArcView, MapInfo, & Global Mapper GIS software; custom computer programming & applications; Google Earth, Adobe Flash and Adobe Reader (geoPDF version) as platforms for information, presentation and communication;  authoring & delivery of Adobe Flash calculators for interactive budgeting & turf product application optimization; numerous outsourcing contacts; marketing & sales of digital imaging solutions.

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